The Education Committee within INKS primarily focuses on advancing scientific education within the ketogenic community. Its key activities include:

  1. **Endorsing Conferences and Meetings:** One of the main responsibilities of the committee is to provide endorsements for conferences and meetings related to ketogenic diet therapy on behalf of INKS. This endorsement is aimed at supporting events that align with the committee’s mission of promoting scientific education within the community.
  1. **Mentorship Support:** The committee places a strong emphasis on mentorship, both within the committee itself by welcoming and supporting young and new members in the field, and by backing projects that involve young INKS members. This mentorship aspect is crucial for fostering growth and development within the organization.
  1. **Reviewing Materials:** The committee reviews materials provided by external parties seeking endorsement, ensuring that they meet the guidelines set forth by the committee in 2021. This review process involves thorough evaluation and potential clarifications with the external party to ensure alignment with the committee’s objectives.
  1. **Exploring Future Opportunities:** The committee is open to exploring new avenues for promoting scientific education within the community, such as through podcasts, written materials, or other educational initiatives. There is a recognition of the need to evolve and adapt to best serve the educational needs of the ketogenic community.

Overall, the Education Committee plays a vital role in advancing scientific education within the ketogenic community by endorsing relevant conferences and materials, fostering mentorship, and exploring new educational opportunities to support the next generation of INKS members!!

Current Chair

Marisa Armeno, MD, PhD


Eric Kossoff MD (outgoing chair)
Cherubino Di Lorenzo MD
Neha Kaul RD PhD
Allie Rochner RD
Deana Bonno MD
Kellie Faltersack RD
Clare Skora MD
Victoria Whiteley RD
Cagla Fenton RD
Maria Alejandra Soto Blanquel NC

Founding Patrons

Founding Corporate Sponsor