Discover the opportunities that an INKS membership can bring to you, your career, your profession, and ultimately, to patients.
Access up-to-date information on research and clinical care of patients affected by brain and mental health conditions using ketogenic and other metabolic dietary therapies.

INKS membership benefits currently include:

  • A 10% discount* on registration fees to the biannual INKS Global Symposia
  • Access to timely news and professional updates through a forthcoming INKS newsletter
  • Networking with international colleagues and experts via a future INKS hotline and list-serv.
  • Opportunities to join and work with INKS committees

*Discount rates subject to change at the discretion of each biennial Global Symposium organizing committee

INKS just launched – there are more benefits soon to come, including:

  • Browse the INKS membership section for further contacts, and detailed information regarding conferences/guidelines/position statements.
  • Opportunities to enhance professional growth through mentoring, fellowships, scholarships / bursaries, and personal development courses (INKS Academy and E-learning platforms).
  • Participate in interdisciplinary clinical and bench-translational research focused on ketogenic dietary therapies