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* Please note that if you are not in clinical practice and are a private for-profit company employee, you will need to complete the FULL annual category and not the reduced annual category as listed below.

MemberProfession / CategoryHigh-Income Countries
Upper-Middle Income CountriesLower-Middle Income CountriesLow-Income Countries
6-Year TermAny£500 GBP£375 GBP£250 GBP£125 GBP
Full AnnualPhysicians

Faculty Level Researchers

Private for-profit company employees
£100 GBP£75 GBP£50 GBP£25 GBP
Reduced AnnualGraduate / Master Students

Clinical or Post-Doctoral Fellows

Clinical Dietitians / Nutritionists*

Clinical Nurses*

Other Allied Health Professionals

Non-Active Senior Professionals (>65y/o)
£50 GBP£40 GBP£25 GBP£15 GBP
(annual verification of status required)
Undergraduate Level Trainees

Honorary Members (status and duration granted by INKS Executive Committee)

Countries are classified based on GNI per capita data (World Bank Atlas method).

Please note that membership rates are subject to change at the discretion of the INKS Executive Committee

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